AFR Foundation Repair Advantages & Reasons to Repair a Failed Foundation

Ignoring your foundation problems, is not a good idea. A persistent problem will only get worse, the problem will NOT fix on its own. You may notice a hairline crack at first and ignore it but with time that hairline crack could become a worst case scenario costing you thousands of dollars in foundation repair. The best defense against a foundation problem is a proactive attitude in repairing your failed foundation. The sooner you address the problem the more cost-efficient solution.

We’ll design a custom tailored solution to your foundation problem. One of our experts will come out and evaluate the problem. They will explain in detail the problem and the solution. A written estimate will be sent along with an exact price. Here are some of reasons why you should repair your foundation and why going with American Foundation Repair is your biggest advantage.

Reasons to Repair a Failed Foundation

  • Resale Value – To keep the value of home from dropping, you need to repair your foundation.
  • Disclosure (For Sale) – You must disclose any foundation issues at time of selling your home, (When you’ve disclosed a foundation issue, 1. Repair the work 2. Make sure it has a transferable warranty.)
  • Safety Concerns – Keep your home safe, up to code especially your structural code including foundation, beams, columns, sill plate, and any water seepage issues.
  • Health Concerns – Keep your basement or crawl space dry. (Mildew and mold can build and may cause health concerns)
  • Minimize Future Cost – To avoid an expensive bill, tackle the problem the moment you see a problem to avoid future costly bills, because the problem will only get bigger on its own left unrepaired.

American Foundation Repair Advantages

  • Family Owned & Operated for over 30 years – NO SALES PEOPLE (Competitors send out “sales” people)
  • Transferable Warranty on All Work
  • We use the strongest and best products for your home. (Example: Our underfooting plate for steel pipe piles is the largest and strongest with 6 anchor bolts) Competitors use smaller plate with usually 2-4 anchor bolts)
  • Thousands of locally Satisfied Chicago area Residents
  • We’ve Worked with Over 200 Cities and Village Building Departments in the Chicago area since 1986 with every single job being APPROVED at final inspection. ONLY AN EXPERIENCED TEAM IS CAPABLE OF DOING THIS.
  • Highly Skilled & Trained Teams
  • On-Site Visits by Owner(s) or Company Principals
  • Excavations Kept to a Minimum (Keep your landscaping undisturbed to a minimal)
  • Zero Commission Fees (No hidden fees) – Competitors pay the “sales” people a percentage of the total cost and sales people add unnecessary work for higher commissions. (Fees are hidden in total cost)
  • Zero Franchise Fees (No hidden fees) – Adds to overall cost. Franchise must pay territory fees and product fees. (Fees are hidden in total cost)
  • In most cases we can raise your home up to 95% of its original level – Our competitors don’t have the expertise or resources.
  • Custom fabricate on-site solutions
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