Foundation Repair Services

Foundation repair, and the foundation repair cost can be a tricky thing to figure out. American Foundation Repair is Chicagoland's most reliable and trusted team for foundation repair. We are the best team with the most knowledgeable structural repair advisors. A family owned and operated company since 1986.

Structual Foundation Repair

Foundation underpinning repair is our speciality. American Foundation Repair custom fabricates every product on-site. You can rest assure your home will be secure for decades to come with our transferable foundation repair warranty. Raising sinking foundations since 1986.

In some rare cases where a foundation isn’t stable enough (or no foundation exist) we can use an alternate foundation repair method to repair your home. Installing a 42″ deep concrete pier underneath an enclosed porch or a home's slab foundation is sometimes necessary to maintain the integrity of the existing structure. Raising sinking structures since 1986.

Foundatio Repair Shaved Footing

Basement Beam Replacement and Supporting Column Replacement

Installing a new steel supporting column with a concrete pier. Along with a new steel I beam is the perfect solution for a persistent sagging floor problem. Sloping floors and cracks on drywalls are common warning signs of underlying structural issues affecting your home's main supports. We can install new beams and supporting columns with concrete piers in a basement or crawlspace. If we can crawl we can install.

In most cases, a simple replacement of a rotting or bowed column is a good solution. In other cases replacing the damaged supporting wood column(s) and existing damaged wood beam is better solution. A new steel I-beam along with new concrete pier(s) and new steel supporting column(s) is the most effective way to solving a sagging floor problem. We use an adjustable screw at each support column and each screw can handle up to 100 tons.

The best solution is having it repaired by American Foundation Repair. Raising sagging or settling floors since 1986.

Steel Beam being Supported by Steel Post

Wall Bracing and Bowed Foundation Walls

A damaged foundation bowed wall can either be repaired or replaced. Wall bracing with vertical steel I beams is a good solution for a bowing wall. A better solution is going with a reinforced concrete-retaining wall. The best solution of all is replacing the entire damaged wall. Each of theses cases is different, and each solution is customized to fit your budget and your home’s needs.

We understand a project like this can be frustrating looking for the right company. At American Foundation Repair we take the frustration out and replace it with relief, that the project was done on time, on budget and most importantly repaired correctly. Repairing bowed foundation walls since 1986.

Bowed Foundation Wall

Trench Foundation Wall and Foundation Repair Services

Ensuring your foundation is at least 42″ deep is the best practice in preventing shifting of your existing foundation. A sinking foundation can be caused because the foundation is NOT below the frost line. The best solution is installing a new trench foundation wall around your perimeter of your existing home, porch or room addition.

A push pier or helical pier cannot be used in very shallow foundations or on certain types of foundations. Such as a honey comb foundation, or a flag stone foundation. These foundation in most cases do NOT have a footing and would not be able to support the immense force applied to wall from pushing from the piers. The walls would cave inward and cause more damage to the home. Repairing  foundation walls since 1986.

Trench Foundation Wall Finished Gunite Wall

Basement Waterproofing and Interior Drain Tile System

American Foundation Repair specializes in waterproofing solutions. When it rains the water around your home should always drain away from the house. This doesn't always happen, especially if you have gutter and drainage problems. Eventually the water surrounding your home will find it way through the cove joint. The cove joint is the 90 degree angle where the foundation wall meets the floor.

Seepage could come from anywhere there is a crack, or a cove joint. Most homes have what's called a drain tile system but it's located outside the home next to the footing and it's made of clay, called "clay tile". Over time this clay tile either cracks at different locations or gets clogged with tree roots. When this happens, now you need an interior drain tile system with a new pit and sump pump (if you already don't have one).

The new drain tile is installed from inside your home's basement or crawlspace. Around the interior perimeter of the house a small trench is excavated by hand and to allow the new drain tile to collect water. A gravity pitch is trenched out toward  the pit to collect water into a pit. The pit has a pump that will discharge the water away from your home.

The floor is repaired and replaced back flush with the existing floor. The new drain tile system is next to footing underneath your slab floor. This is a maintenance free drain tile meaning no clean out holes are needed and will NEVER get clogged. Keeping basements dry since 1986.

Interior Drain Tile System Unfinished

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Vapor Barriers

American Foundation Repair also specializes in crawl space encapsulation. This is a vapor barrier 20 mil in thickness which can withstand punctures unlike regular plastic. This vapor barrier traps odors and keeps your crawlspace damp-proof. All of the seams are taped with high strength heavy duty tape which can withstand punctures unlike regular tape.  The customers who need this product are customers with allergies, asthma or bronchitis. It prevents the build up of mold spores in crawl space by preventing humidity build up. Crawl spaces are notorious for being extremely damp and wet. Get a clean bright white useable crawl space back and say good by to bad odors and mold spores.

If currently there is no pit with a pump, then it will be highly recommend one be installed with an interior drain tile system (only if needed if water accumulates a couple of inches). Keeping crawl spaces clean and dry since 1986.

Vapor Barrier Crawl Space Area

Foundation Crack Repair

American Foundation Repair is the best and most reliable company to fix your leaky foundation crack(s). In most cases we will repair foundation seepage crack(s) the same week you sign a contract with us. No more waiting weeks for a simple foundation crack repair. If this is the only thing holding you back from selling your home, schedule your free consultation now or get a FREE online crack repair quote now.

A foundation crack can be repaired from the inside or outside. If the basement is unfinished (no drywall or studs) we'll recommend to repair the crack from the inside. We will repair the crack with an epoxy paste and then inject urethane. The two step process ensures for maximum strength and waterproof tight seal. The urethane's viscosity allows it to go through even the smallest cracks visible on the foundation wall. If you were to dig up on the other side (outside of foundation wall) of the crack you would see this urethane oozing out transforming into a foam like resin penetrating through the foundation wall. We can perform foundation crack repairs in basements or crawl spaces too.

Most cracks in your foundation are concrete shrinking cracks. This means when your foundation was poured and curing cracks most likely developed due a number of factors, but in most cases this a fairly normal. In other cases where the cracks formed after the house was built due to settling, may indicate structural failure. A simple waterproofing crack repair will NOT resolve the underlying structural issues concerning your home's foundation wall(s). Keeping basements and crawlspaces dry since 1986.

Repairing Foundation Crack with Epoxy

Foundation Repair Services for Sill Plate | Rim Joist | Sister Joist

A rotting sill plate can lead to structural issues concerning the framing of your home. It is imperative to fix any sill plate issues. The sill plate is wood joist that sits on top of your foundation going parallel and anchored to your foundation. Sometimes the sill plate can get rotted due to water moisture or termite problems.  Replacing your sill plate with a new pressure treated lumber will ensure a long lasting sill plate. You may see a gap between your baseboard and floor, this may indicate a deteriorated sill plate.

The rim joist is the wood perpendicular to your joist. It's also know as your face-board. You may be able to see it if you remove the square insulation above your foundation in-between your joist. Again this wood can also rot due to water moisture or termite infestation. Repairing this wood usually means removing the siding from the outside to replace it entirely. In some cases we can just replace the squares themselves.

The joist are the wood beams going perpendicular to your main house beam (either wood or steel). The joist support the homes floor and keep them nice and even. In many homes the joist are cut up to get HVAC, electrical or plumbing lines through. This is NEVER a good idea since it degrades the structural integrity of the home. In either case we can sister joist an existing joist to reinforce its strength. Protecting your home with pressure treated wood.

Sill Plate Repaired

Foundation Repair Services and Solutions

All foundation repairs are done accordingly to engineered specifications and municipality codes. Village department inspectors come and inspect our work, on-site from your local village or town. All work confirms to ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials) and inspected for ICC (National Building Code). These types of complex foundation repair jobs can only be done by a foundation repair team with experience and knowledge. Meet with one of our professional team members for a free in-home consultation on all your foundation repair needs.

Visit the specific service pages for more detailed information on what each service includes.

Call us toll free at 1-800-644-1900 with any questions you may have about our services. Always delivering the best products and service all year around!

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Being a family owned and operated business means we are the best qualified consultants in all of the Chicagoland area. Get a professional assessment of your problem and NEVER cross-sales or up sales. Receive a complimentary written proposal provided on-site or delivered in a timely manner by email. All of our proposals come with a 60 day price guarantee and a transferable warranty bringing peace of mind to you and your family. No gimmicks just great service and an expert evaluation from American Foundation Repair. A family owned and operated company since 1986.

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