Beam & Column Replacement

I-Beam & Column Replacement

Replacement of a rotting wooden timber I-beam and or columns inside your homes basement or crawlspace area is an essential part of your homes structural integrity. It’s very important to keep the I-beam fully supported since it takes on a load bearing weight from the floor(s) above. If the main I-beam support beam or column(s) are left unrepaired then eventually this could lead to major structural problems for your main supports. Failing to support your floors and walls properly will result in cosmetic and structural damage. The solution is replacing your damaged wooden beams and or columns with new steel I-beams and columns. Using a professional expert team here at American Foundation Repair we can even raise your floor (to a compromise level).

Cosmetic stress signs of a failing structural I-beam support or columns are slanting floors, cracks on walls, sticky doors, and/or very squeaky floors. If you have any of these stress signs, you may need to have some structural repair work done in your basement or crawlspace. Old timber beams and columns may not be adequately supporting your home and causing your home floors to slope or slant unevenly.

Having a very damp basement or crawl space is not good for your main wood support beams and columns. Wood absorbs moisture, which causes it to rot in different places, especially at the bottom of a wooden column. If you have this problem, you need to replace your wooden beams and/or columns with new steel I-beams and/or steel columns.

Also replace your existing inadequate cinder block supports in crawl space area. This kind of support is inadequate and should be replaced with a more engineered steel column to support heavy loads.

It is very important that your existing concrete piers be properly sized to support your home, according to engineered specifications. Many homes may not have a rotting problem with their beams or columns, but could still be sinking because of improper concrete pier widths and depths.

American Foundation Repair can repair all types of main wood I-beam supports and columns. We can also raise floors back (to a compromise) level.

Beam & Column Structural Repair

  • Sloping Floors Upstairs
  • Uneven Floors In Old Home
  • Downward Bows on Wood Beam or Dipping
  • Rotting Columns Especially at Bottom of Base
  • Cinder Block Support Columns | Cracked
  • Improperly Installed Engineered Concrete Piers
  • No Concrete Piers Existing

Structural Column Repair Installation

The existing wooden I-Beam is temporarily shored to replace the damaged column. The new steel column is 3 1/2″ O.D. (outside diameter) with an adjustable screw to withstand up to 100 tons. We place new concrete piers according to specifications. In some very rare cases we may use existing concrete piers if properly sized.

Structural Steel I-Beam Repair Installation

The floor joist are temporarily shored to remove damage wooden I-Beam and columns. We break up a section of the concrete floor, and excavate to place new concrete piers according to specifications. First we install a steel base at the bottom of the excavated hole. Next we then erect a steel column with an adjustable screw (tested up to 100 tons). Then we place the new steel I- beam (usually from end to end of foundation wall). This will allow us to raise the floor (to a compromise level) using hydraulic rams. Finally the steel base (and added rebar) will get encased in concrete becoming the new concrete pier. Let the professnails at American Foundaiton Repair do all the work.

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