Concrete Pier Stabilization

Noticing your enclosed porch, garage, or home settling, we can repair it! We can custom fabricate any project on-site.

We can install two types of concrete piers: a 42″ deep concrete square pier and a 42″ deep round concrete columns (Sonotube) pier. Both have a steel column as a main support with an adjustable screw handling loads up to 100 tons, encased with concrete tube. Raising or stabilizing your structure using this method is a very good solution especially for porches or room additions with no existing foundation. This method is only used for those structures without any proper engineering support.

A properly engineered support can usually be installed in one full day, but may take longer depending on the scope of the project. Local municipalities and or county building codes enforcement departments inspect our projects. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Existing Stone – Brick Foundation Requiring Underpinning

In very rare cases, there might be an older home or building needing foundation repair to lift or stabilize the structure. Brick or stone foundations prevent us from anchoring galvanized bolts because the foundation is not made of concrete to attach a steel bracket. We can still stabilize or lift structure by adding an engineered concrete pier underneath the existing stone – brick foundation. Once the concrte pier dries up, we can then at that time place our wall mount bracket against the new enginnered concrete pier to raise or stabilzie your foundation.

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