Why Helical Piers are the Best Support System for your Foundation

Why Helical Piers are the Best Support System for your Foundation

What are helical piers?

Helical piers are a structural support pin made from steel and coated with galvanize to prevent rust and help the helical pier last longer. The helical piers are a screw like type shape and the design purpose for the pin’s steel helices are there to make it easier on the heavy machinery we use to help drive the helical piers into the work area soil.

a plain helical screw extension

What can helical piers do for me ?

At American Foundation Repair we can offer our clients the best solutions to any structural problems they may encounter with their foundation. Employees at American Foundation Repair are trained and certified to install helical piers. Call now or schedule a free estimate today.

Here at America Foundation Repair we like to offer the helical pier system before a new foundation is poured. Placing helical piers ahead of time underneath the new foundation will help any structure that will be placed on top of the foundation and have the maximum support. Our helical piers can also be placed into the soil before placing a new concrete slab above an area with poor soil for better support and to help prevent any type of sinking or settling. The Helical pier is a great support system for small structures including porches, gazebos, decks, room additions, etc.

helical pier 2 pice set up parts

- Ideal for empty lots where footing and foundation have NOT been poured yet, open ground.
- Recommended by structural engineers and inspectors
- Great for small light structures
- Driven easier into the ground
- Recommended for areas with poor soil ( swampy, muddy, sandy, weak soil )
Can be used as in strong supportive wing wall system also

Disadvantages:(When structure or home is already present with foundation)

- FAILS to effectively stabilize foundation.
- Large machinery needed to drive helical piers (difficult in tight spaces)
- Shallow Depths (Resistance is met at shallow grounds compared to steel pipes piles at deeper depths)

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